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HP Scitex XP2750

A 3.2 m wide-format UV printer that delivers superior image quality—up to 635 x 800 dpi—and production speeds up to 110 m2/hr (1200 ft2/hr).1) Expand your application versatility—print on both flexible and rigid substrates with the same printer.

• Impress your customers with high resolution images that stand up to close scrutiny. Print signs, banners, and large graphics that command attention with up to 635 x 800 dpi (1270 x 1600 dpi, apparent) resolution.

• Designed to deliver the high-quality applications your clients demand at production print speeds. You don't have to sacrifice quality for print speed. Meet customer's printing needs with a wide-format printer that creates high-quality applications even at productive speeds of 77 m2/hr (820 ft2/hr).1) When quality is critical, switch to 8-color printing mode. The ability to choose 4- or 8-color printing while maintaining a productive print speed increases your printer's—and your business's—versatility and cost-effectiveness.

• Produce vivid colors and a wide color gamut for vibrant indoor and outdoor applications. HP Scitex Ink, specifically developed for HP Scitex Printers, delivers superior image quality, remarkable color consistency, smoother color transitions, and a wide color gamut.

• Customize your glossy prints with the standard HP Scitex XP2750 Shutters Control Kit.4) Fine tune your glossy prints and get the look you want with the standard HP Scitex XP2750 Shutters Control Kit. This kit controls UV exposure, delaying the curing process and producing glossier prints.

 Kullanılabilir Kartuş, Boya ve Kafa'lar
 HP MF26 Scitex Cleaner 4x1L (CP527A)
 HP XP222 Black Scitex Ink 2x5L (CH665A)
 HP XP222 Cyan Scitex Ink 2x5L (CH655A)
 HP XP222 Light Black Scitex Ink 5L (CH662A)
 HP XP222 Light Cyan Scitex Ink 5L (CH666A)
 HP XP222 Light Magenta Scitex Ink 5L (CH667A)
 HP XP222 Light Yellow Scitex Ink 5L (CH668A)
 HP XP222 Magenta Scitex Ink 2x5L (CH663A)
 HP XP222 Yellow Scitex Ink 2x5L (CH664A)


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